Let it Roll 2018 – it’s all about the sound

Let it Roll 2018 – it’s all about the sound

Krystyn and Ștefan have been the Partipipal proud representatives at Let It Roll Summer Edition 2018. We hereby invite you to read their opinion and feelings on the whole thing. Enjoy.

Oh, yeah, we also have a mini after movie that will help you get an idea. Because Let It Roll needs to be felt on your own!

Let it roll Partipipal de Fetsival

Let It Roll, is the biggest drum and bass festival in the world at which we had the pleasure to participate this year.  So, what should you expect from this festival regarding the music and artists?  I will tell you right away.

   Since Let It Roll is the biggest dnb festival, every year you have mostly all the dnb artists playing there, probably it would be  easier to count the ones that are not. The 2018 headliners were:  Andy C, Pendulum, Camo & Krooked, Wilkinson, Netsky, Noisia, and many more.

For 3 days and nights you will have to choose  and run between 9+ stages and more than 330 artists. That’s true DnB love.  For us this was a big challenge, because they are so many, in such a short time and of course  many of them were playing at the same time. Too bad we can’t access the cloning systems.  Every night they hosted different labels and genres, from jump up, to neurofunk, to liquid and many others. I can trully say that this is the dnb heaven. It gets really tricky with so many artists and genres to choose from, and it is really hard sometimes to make a decision without regretting it and maybe thing of the other artist you had to let go. Since some stages are a little bit far away from each other it’s not easy to mingle between them. As an example, from the main stage to the factory stage it took you around 10-15 minutes to get from one to the other, and it gets really exhausting at some point to run around like the music addict you are :).  You also need a little time to rest and maybe have some water, and, of course,  in that time you’re missing someone’s set. And you do not want that. That’s why on the road we tried to make a personal schedule with the artists that we wanted to see, but our suggestion is not to stick 100% to the plans that you’re making from home because after that you’ll be disappointed you didn’t  get to see all of them. It’s good to have it, but on the spot the mood you are in will count a lot. As an example, you can be the biggest fan of The Prototypes and you will get to see their set and maybe it may be too aggressive for the mood that you’re in. So you will move on to another stage where you may find something to suit your feelings.

Let’s start with the first night. The music at the smaller stages starts at 14:00, and at the bigger ones around 18:00. The main stage was not open the first day, so on Thursday the Factory stage was the main focus. We enjoyed Hospitality vs. Ram Records, Fred V & Grafix, Rene Lavice, London Electricity, Delta Heavy, Metrik and Calyx & Teebee and many others. We loved  Delta Heavy and Metrik, their sets were amazing.  That night The Madhouse was the main attraction for us, as they hosted Thechinque vs. Viper, and we had the pleasure to discover Insideinfo, Tantrum Desire and Matrix & Futurebound. Tantrum Desire was a surprise for us, especially when we heard their remix on Twenty One Pilots- Heathens (https://soundcloud.com/tantrumdesire/twenty-one-pilots-heathens-tantrum-desire-bootleg ).  

At The Portal stage we had Exit vs. Shogun Audio with Technimatic, Friction( Classic Set), Alix Perez and Icicle, and at the Schredder stage we feasted on  Neurofunk with Teddy Killerz, Gydra, Abis & Signal and Joe Ford.

Friday night was the big night for us, it was the night with the grand Opening Show at The Main stage. Beside the Opening Show, we had the chance to see our favourite artists:  the legendary Andy C which literally blew us away with his set and energy, Wilkinson, SASASAS, and Maduk were all dreams that came true. The Factory stage also hosted the Brazillian star Dj Marky which is always a pleasure to see, he gets you to dance no matter what. Friction, Hype B2B Hazard, Killbox and Dirtyphonics were the other stars that lit the stage.  At Madhouse we had Jump-Up All Stars with the crazy group King Of The Rollers, Turno, Annix and Nu Elementz. The Portal was under the control of  Get Hype Vs. Titan, the British duo The Prototypes, A.M.C. and Mind Vortex. For the ones which were looking for a more heavy sound, the Schredder also offered  Therapy Sessions with Forbidden Society, Katharsys, and Hallucinator.

Saturday night was the toughest  for us since we had so many artists that we wanted to see at the same time.  Happily, we managed to catch most of them. The Main stage hosted Pendulum, Netsky, Camo & Krooked, Dimension, Noisia and Mefjus. Camo and Krooked’s set was FREAKING AWESOME!  

Noisia’s set was also out of this world, especially when he dropped his remix on Pendulum – Hold your colour. At The Factory stage we had  Blackout Vs. Critical with State of Mind, Black Sun Empire, and The Upbeats. The Madhouse hosted Zardonic, TC, 1991 and Eatbrain League. The Portal got more liquid during  the last  night with Hybrid Minds, Nu:Logic, LSB and BCEE.

It was, of course, one of the best experiences of our lives and we are looking forward to the next ones! Let It Roll!