The Let it Roll: Save the Rave 2021 experience by Partipipal

The Let it Roll: Save the Rave 2021 experience by Partipipal

Yoo! What’s up everyone?  Here is the Partipipal experience at Let it Roll: Save the Rave 2021 and guess what! It was madness! If you are curious of how things were, here is my review seasoned with Dorin’s photos.

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The little brother of the original Let it Roll, located on an airport of Milovice, a small town near Prague in Czech Republic, came to rescue the rave in 2021. Limited to only 5000 people, the two day festival featured most of the biggest Drum n’ Bass artists in the world.

Having a total number of 3 stages, this is how the full lineup looked like:

* Temple stage: Simple Souls, Ripple, Rido, Tom Finster, Koven, Netsky, Camo & Krooked B2B Mefjus, A.M.C, Neonlight B2B Pythius, Nuex, Tom Small, Sinful Maze, Madface, The caracal project & Skylark, Andromedik, iManu, Metrik, Noisia, Kanine, Zombie cats, Forbidden Society
* Portal stage: Excentric, Woice, Tod, Beast Jane Fallen Gemeni, Magenta, No money, Thiew, Mustaffa & Sheriff, Holotrope, The Prophecy, QO, Volume Plus, Pixie, Basstien, El waca & kru, Heft & Towie, Snookey, Lee Meow, Loudbeat, Beaty, Halbax, N:Force, Bifidus Aktif & Akira, X.Morph, Upfockerz, Cockroach, A-Cray, Schooler, PE : TE, Switch
* LIR BUS stage: Gon, Voidesc, Dejfunk, Trjn, Igor, Ph8ton, Towie, Malcuth & Facutum, Öwlie, Moongose, Thez, Slwdwn, Notequal

Let it Roll Save the Rave by Dorin Filimon

After a smooth train ride from Berlin to Prague, a little visiting of the city, some difficulties in finding the train station, another train to Milovice and an Uber to the airport, we arrived at the festival.

We set up our tent in the standard camp and went to check out Let it Roll. We first noticed the Portal stage which was basically a circus tent. And if you turned left there was the main stage, Temple. The looks were exactly as it’s name, with a stone looking design, Moai statue looking faces in the front that blew smoke out of its nose and vines around the Dj.

And at last, there was the LIR Bus, which was located in the food court. It an abandoned rusted bus, with lots of metal parts in the front that made it look like it was taken straight out of Madmax.

Let it Roll Save the Rave 2021 by Dorin Filimon

In the first day Koven was the first one to pick up the pace on the main stage. She plays a combination of DnB with some Dubstep and also some MC parts which were done by her. Right after, Netsky went on stage saying: “Let’s take this to the next level” and he really did, with an awesome set.
Then, Camo & Krooked B2B had one of their first live sets, but their Let it Roll set was much more aggressive then the set they had on YouTube.
Following, A.M.C did his magic, while all of the artists from that day created a mini party on the stage.

In the second day, El waca & Kru were the first ones to play some music. Starting the day with some smooth old school rap on vinyl, while people were finishing their breakfast.

Everything was going smooth that day, with some really good unexpected DJ’s from the LIR Bus stage and some from the portal stage accompanied by a burning hot sun.

Unfortunately, by the time that Andromedik begun his set, a very powerful rain started and we had to run to our tents. After an hour or so of hiding from the rain, it finally stopped.
It rained so hard that the show had to be postponed and you could barely walk because of the mud.
Then Noisia, which were on their Farewell Tour, went on stage. They ended their set playing their newest collaboration with Skrillex, Supersonic.

Some things that could have been improved at Let it Roll would be adding some hand disinfectant points, as there wasn’t much to no disinfectant. One more thing is the food court, as it wasn’t really good and rather expensive.

Overall, I was happy to be a savior at Let it Roll: Save the Rave 2021 and I am looking forward to seeing more events like this.

See you next time!

Let it Roll Save the Rave 2021 by Dorin Filimon