Let It Roll: not just a festival, but pure love for Drum&Bass!

Let It Roll: not just a festival, but pure love for Drum&Bass!

Let It Roll is not just a festival, it’s a place where people from all around the world are gathering together for the love of  Drum&Bass!!  It takes places in the former Russian air base Milovice, which really suits the festival from my opinion. So how was LIR for us?  Here is our experience at this amazing festival.

Partipipal Let It Roll

We arrived at the festival thursday arround 6 o’clock, after a long ride with the bus from Cluj Napoca. They are organizing Buses which are going from different countries directly to the festival, which is really helpful. After the long ride, we arrived and we were ready to party, but before that we need to settle down first. How the festival takes place on an abandoned air base, you don’t really get a lot of shade, so if you have a pavilion at home you should definitely bring it, it will make the difference. We didn’t had one, so during the day because it was incredibly hot outside, like over 35 degrees, we took our sleeping bags and went outside the festival area where it was a little forest, and just chilled there for a few hours, it is even better if you have a hammock.

If you don’t feel like chilling in the forest, don’t worry, LIR has some alternatives for you. They organized all kind of fun day activities, like water slide, dnb step contest, graffiti, fuss ball, workouts, and they even had bungee jumping, but we didn’t had the courage to do it… maybe next year.


Okay, the days are a  lot of  fun, but during the night everything changes, the whole place takes a new form. The 9 stages are telling a story of their new chapter, and the most impressive one is the main stage. The Opening Show that their having every year, told the story of  the robots which are battling for the portal, but at the end their realizing that they are the only one remaining from their species so they should help each other.

You can watch the whole Opening Show here:

We were running between the stages the whole 3 nights to catch our favorite artists, and while we did that we were watching all the people there, everyone was smiling, everyone was having a great time, there were people with all kind of inflatable things, like dinosaurs, and bananas and all kind of phosphorescent accessories, which made the festival look alive. One of the most beautiful things was that nobody cared how you were looking, or how you were dancing, you could be yourself there and nobody would judge you. When we were dancing, everyone besides us danced with us, and talked with us, because we had at least one thing in common, we were all here for the love of Drum&Bass, and that feeling it was simply beautiful.

So if you like dnb, I’m telling you, this is the place for you to be. We will definitely be there next year.

Let It Roll Camping

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